About Me

Youssef Ridene - R&D software engineer and PhD student. I'm doing a full-time PhD thesis since October 2008 under the supervision of professor Franck Barbier, Nadine Couture and Nicolas Belloir at LIUPPA, ESTIA and Neomades.  I've been granted a CIFRE PhD fellowship which enables me to work both in academia and industry. The subject of my thesis deals with Domain Specific Modeling Languages, Software Product Lines and Model-Driven Testing applied to embedded & mobile applications testing.

Publications and communication

  Y. RIDENE, F.Barbier: A Model-Driven Approach for Automating Mobile Applications Testing. In proceedings of 1st International Workshop on Software Architecture Variability in ECSA, Essen, Germany, September 13-16, 2011

  Un DSML pour l'automatisation du test d'applications mobiles. Y. RIDENE, F. BARBIER. 7ème Journées francophones Mobilité et Ubiquité - Ubimob 2011. Toulouse, 6 - 8 Juin 2011.

  Y. RIDENE, N. Belloir, F.B arbier, N. Couture: A DSML for Mobile Phone Applications Testing. In proceedings of 10th Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling in SPLASH, Reno, Nevada, ACM Press, pp. 25-30, October 17-18, 2010